Our Work Transmission


Maple Leaf Power has constructed transmission lines ranging from single wood poles 4 kV to lattice steel towers 500kV. Our deep experience allows us to confidently tackle transmission projects of any capacity. Our tradesmen perform all components of construction from structure assembly, erection, and stringing. We skilled with any type of wood pole, steel pole, or steel lattice tower construction.

Using innovative techniques allows us to construct over multiple terrains and under various environmental conditions. To address environmental concerns and/or access problems helicopters are utilized when required.

Wood pole, steel pole, and lattice tower assembly, construction and erection.
Conductor stringing and maintenance.
Testing and commissioning.
Engineering, procurement, and construction.
Right of way preparation and management.
Live line maintenance.
Cross arm and structure changes.
Insulator changes.
Accessory and hardware maintenance.
Switch maintenance.
Outage response.
Safety observation and inspections.
Fiber optics installation.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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