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Maple Leaf Power is COR Certified through WorkSafeBC and the BC Construction Safety Alliance.  Our industry leading safety systems, processes, and Occupational Health and Safety Program coincide with the strong safety culture we’ve constructed.  Maple Leaf Power offers employees additional specific safety training, and safety training outside of work roles, allowing our people to return home safely at the end of every single day, something we take great pride in. 

We will never waver on our commitment to safety.
We work safely for ourselves, our customers, and for our families.
We believe that incident prevention and productivity go hand in glove.
We are committed to providing a workplace free of incidents or injury.
All levels of Maple Leaf Power are responsible for the health and safety of every employee.
We continuously try to exceed safety standards and regulations.

Getting our work done is crucial, but getting it done safely is pivotal to our business, our people, our communities, and to our individual families. 


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